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The Philippines’ fastest-growing, natural and organic personal care. We produce the 100% Philippine made, 100% no harmful chemicals brand of personal care products called HUMAN NATURE. As a social enterprise, we strive to bring out the best in our people by producing world-class, globally competitive products.

HUMAN NATURE is about a lifestyle, a vision of a beautiful and prosperous Philippines and about following God’s plan for our lives as His people and as stewards of what He has made.

Human Nature was launched in November 2008 in Blue Leaf, Fort Bonifacio, Manila, to a group of friends, family and Gawad Kalinga partners.

Today, Human Nature employs Gawad Kalinga residents as part of their full time staff and has started work on a HUMAN HEART NATURE Organic Farm in a Gawad Kalinga community in Bulacan. Guided by the principles of being PRO-PHILIPPINES, PRO-POOR and PRO-ENVIRONMENT, the company continues to strive for providing prosperity to the Philippines through successful and sustainable social enterprises and quality natural products for all Filipinos.

HUMAN HEART NATURE is about loving the Philippines, loving the environment and loving our families as we provide only the safest and purest world-class ingredients for them. These are effective AND affordable organic and natural personal care products that feel as good on your skin as they do in your heart. We hope that you will find a sense of peace and purpose knowing that your everyday choices have a positive impact on the poor, our country and our planet.


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