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To avoid inconvenience, We requests that all orders be coursed through the online form. This will also allow us to have a clear communication from start to finish of transaction.

  • We only accepts payments made via Globe G-Cash.
  • Globe G-Cash payments are subject to Php 10.00 or 1% additional surcharge, whichever is higher.
  • Payments should be SETTLED 3days after buyer received the Email Confirmation Message.
  • Kindly inform us when you've sent payments. 

  • NO FREE SHIPPING. All shipping fees will be shouldered by the buyer.
  • Shipment schedule & rates:
            MC Express
            Metro Manila (next day delivery)
            0.5kg to 1kg    Php 50
            1.1kg to 2kg    Php 55
            2.1kg to 3kg    Php 70
            3.1kg to 4kg    Php 85
            4.1kg to 5kg    Php 100

            Provincial Rates via LBC (1-2 business days)
            0.5kg to 1kg                 Php 90
            1.1kg to 2kg                 Php 135
            2.1kg to 3kg                 Php 210
            add-on/kg in excess of 3kg   Php 50

            0.5kg to 1kg                 Php 100
            1.1kg to 2kg                 Php 135
            2.1kg to 3kg                 Php 210
            add-on/kg in excess of 3kg   Php 60

            0.5kg to 1kg                 Php 105
            1.1kg to 2kg                 Php 135
            2.1kg to 3kg                 Php 210
            add-on/kg in excess of 3kg   Php 60

            To be computed via the provider's rate calculator.
  • We will not be held liable for any loss or damage once orders have been turned over to the courier.
  • For meet-ups and shipments, the full payment is required before the orders are packed for meet-up/shipped out.
  • In the event where you didn't receive an order and we've tracked that it has been received in your shipping address, we cannot anymore send you another package.


All meet-ups are strictly by appointment and purchases P500 and above will only be accommodated after full payment has been made. Below are the meet-up locations:
  • Trinoma (Sunday) Plus P50.00 for the transportation expense.
  • SM North Edsa (Sunday) Plus P50.00 for the transportation expense.
  • Frisco Jollibee, Greenwich or KFC (by appointment)


  • Strictly 2days/48hours reservation only. We will only give a 1day/24hours extension if the customer will get in touch with us before the 48hour reservation period elapses.
  • If payment still hasn't been made within the agreed time frame, the order/s will be automatically canceled.


  • We will not refund payments. We enjoins all customers to ask all questions prior to confirming final order to avoid latter disputes.
  • We will only accommodate free of charge (FOC) exchanges if the error was from our end. Else, you have to shoulder all applicable charges including but not limited to the shipping fee.
  • Any order error such as sending the wrong package for the wrong buyer, lacking items (that we have unintentionally forgotten to include) shall be corrected only if the client informed us of the transaction error within 24 hours after the product's been received.

For further inquiries and concerns, feel free to CONTACT US:
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